About Me

I'm a developer with a variety of interests. Recently, I've worked more closely with simulation development in web applications. Even more recently, I've worked on porting Cake Raid, one of my old C#/XNA projects into C#/Unity, as well as Deep Six Detritus, a C#/Unity puzzle game with RPG elements. Outside of development, I love tabletop games, and recently developed an interest in music composition and production. I've mostly just been using audio workstations, but I'm considering trying out various instruments.

Contact Details

Josh Davis


Rochester Institute of Technology

B.S. Degree in Game Design and DevelopmentDecember 2017

During my time at RIT, I pursued a variety of projects and interests. I helped create a level for the RTS/FPS Nuclear Dawn, working during part of a semester and over the summer to design a total of three buildings in Hammer and the Source SDK, as well as a fair bit of the terrain. I participated in several hackathons and game jams, most notably Microsoft's 2012 Imagine Cup. A game I designed and helped program, Renu, won second place in the local college round. For a year, I was Secretary for the Game Developers Club. I took two years off to work full-time in military contracting. Towards the end of my time at RIT, I developed an interest in music composition and recording.


C2 Technologies

DeveloperAugust 2015 - August 2017

Developed and updated training simulations for small businesses and military contracts, focusing on Flash to HTML5 conversion.

District Trivia

InternJune 2014 - August 2014

Developed updated versions of interactive applications using HTML5 for use in live events at local businesses.

iD Tech Camps

Lead InstructorJuly 2013 - August 2013

Instructed iD Programming Academy students at the MIT two week overnight camp in the Minecraft Modding and Java Coding course.


Programming Languages:
Actionscript 3, C, C++, C#, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Python, TypeScript

Autodesk Maya, Flash Professional CC, CS5.5, FlashDevelop, Git, jGRASP, Photoshop, Team Foundation Server, Tortoise SVN, Visual Studio

APIs/Libraries/Dev Kits:
CreateJS, DirectX 11, Hammer/Source SDK, Loom SDK, OpenGL, ReactJS