Deep Six Detritus

Tools Used:

Prototype Development: Adobe Flash Professional CS5, ActionScript 3.0, Flash Develop

Final Development: Unity, Visual Studio (C#)

Development of this game started from a prototype, called Tile Dungeon, which was built for a class. The original core idea for this game is that every object is a tile that can be moved in specific ways by the player. I designed and programmed the game, and another student, Joe Farrell created the art. In creating the final version of the game, I transitioned from exploring a fantasy dungeon setting to scavenging in an sci-fi alien ruin/junkyard. I commissioned an artist ( to create full sprite sheets to this end. The entire project was redeveloped in Unity, and I added some RPG elements to have a sense of player progression. Currently, the project is undergoing polish and tweaks, but I'm expecting to release a version within a few months to PC.